Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i am so excited to introduce the newest member of my familia! oakley ann yuen (like annie oakley, but not! haha) is 4 months old and a whole 3 1/2 pounds. laura is so excited to be her mommy and roxy is going to have to get over the whole jealousy thing. every day is getting better and better and i know they'll end up being best friends so i'm excited! i love my roxyroo and oakley too!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

sixty nine

its 40 degrees, rainy, and windy to boot.
i'm the retard that goes to school wearing flips flops, a long sleeve shirt, and a mini skirt...
what was i thinking?!

Friday, September 14, 2007

sixty eight

i love when jaxon mimics different facial expressions. he cracks me up! we had some fun with the camera today while alexander slept and alisa ran into the market...
good times!

Monday, September 10, 2007

sixty seven

my trip to NoCal was a blast!

we got to release ladybugs to eat the aphids at an organic farm and they were all over me! it was so fun and of course the boys were freaking out- heck, i was freaking out!
we went to the world famous monterey bay aqauarium where alex loved taking pics with his very own digital camera
we hit the beach in carmel and it was gorgeous! the weather was perfect as long as you didn't get in the water- it was freezing!
we caught a catterpillar in nana's garden and jax thought it was the coolest thing he's ever seen. we even got out poppi's magnifying glass so he could see it up close!
and jaxon has a new found love of makeup. every morning he did his as i did mine!

what silly boys!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

sixty six

today was jenna's first soccer game and she rocked it!

she was so embarassed when she came home from her first practice and said she was the only one on the team that hadn't played before, but it sure didn't look like it out on the field! she's a natural!

not only did she score the first goal of the game, but continued to score another two before the game was done! way to go jen!

her favorite part about soccer is getting to be on the same team with her best friend bailey, and she loves that under those big black socks are light pink shin guards!

a girl after my own heart!