Sunday, May 8, 2011

two hundred ninety one

spring semester has finally come to a close and i couldn't be happier to spend my summer doing all of the things i have forgotten to have loved. i'm thrilled to spend my days at the pool side whilst reading classic novels and trashy gossip mags alike. i'm delighted at the prospect of hiking on a whim with my little rockstar by my side. i'm exhilarated to plan my days off by not having plans at all. i want to finish my recovery quilt. i want to build a glass bubble chandelier. i want to do more with my visual journal. the only hinderance to these blissful activities is the monumental pull of staying snuggled in my covers. i could never cheat on my bed, i just love it too much! in order to be happy i need to actually do the things that make me happy. that is what my summer goal is, to spend every bit of my time doing something that makes me happy! today's happiness included deep cleaning my house, repainting a set of bathroom shelves to be a happy summer yellow color, planting tomato seeds, planting asters, painting my nails, snuggling with rox, and hanging out with my family. it has been productive but simple. it's the simplicity that brings me happiness. let's do more of the things that make us happy. what a spectacular concept! happy mother's day!