Sunday, March 1, 2009

two hundred twenty eight

a little update on my life:

i'm still sick of school.  this is inevitably what happens when i attempt to study.

i'm less physically sick than last week.
thank god.
in between my naps nick and i just played our guitars.  good times.

i'm still in love with the fox boys.
cute as ever, and getting bigger every day!!!
i want them to stay little, for even just a little longer!

i went to rascal flatts with anna last week.
i'll love them till the day i die!

i cried when they played Stand.  i think i always will.  anna said she thinks of me every time she 
hears it play, and that made me cry even harder!

we like it, 
we love it, 
we want some more of it!!!
(yeah i know that's tim, but country love is country love, right?!)