Tuesday, December 30, 2008

two hundred fifteen

We all know of my weakness for good looking men.
The kind that give me movado watches for christmas,
The kind with abs so hard they could be used to wash every piece of fabric on earth and not show a sign of wear and tear,
The kind that are absolute self absorbed pigs yet leave me breathless and fluttering with every interaction.
There's no denying that I love me a good looking man.
Well this week I have discovered a new favorite.
Enter cody:
The final semester doctorate student who has decided to study chiropractics and save my back,
But has also single handedly saved my vision through his delicious good looks.
He's smart, funny, and has a jawline chiseled by god himself!
Suddenly my neck has been absolutely KILLiNG me and I have a funny little feeling that I may 'need' to go in to the chiropractor a bit more often than I used to-
Say, oh... 3 times a week?! ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

two hundred fourteen

I know that I tend to get restless. And I know that I tend to be insatiable. But I also know that I have been blessed with so so SO much. I am sitting here at the chiropractor, reflecting over the past year as 2008 is about to come to a close, i am amazed at all that I have. I have a somewhat dysfunctional but amazingly fun and loving family that would do anything for me. I have the most incredible friends that I know will support me through anything I deal with in life. I have two jobs that I enjoy doing and in this recession I feel ever so blessed to even have a secure income at all. I have the world's most wonderful dog. Rox will always be my baby and never ceases to make me smile, no matter how crappy I'm feeling. Being a girl, I complain about never having anything to wear, but as I think about it, I have multiple closets and am so fortunate to not only own a coat to keep me warm, but to have numerous options to choose from when its subzero temperatures outside. I have a car that does much more than simply get me from point a to point b. More than anything, I have a belief in god- that even if all of things were stripped from my life, I could somehow find a way to be okay. And no amount of juicy couture could take that away!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

two hundred thirteen

At my job we must escort our darling students to and from their gates at the airport to ensure that they are flying where they say they're going on their homepasses. Due to the holidays I've had my fair share of gate waiting and airport cuisine. Tonight, as I'm waiting for the third arrival of my shift, I decided to treat my lazy self to some frozen yogurt. I remembered loving tcby as a child and was not disappointed in the least to find out that the only flavor they still had available was strawberry. So I pay my $5 dollars for my 4 ounces of red dye 40 frozen yogurt and hurry to my gate to enjoy it before the flight gets in. I take my first highly anticipated bite and something immediately tastes off. Suddenly it hits me like a semi- this tastes EXACTLY like strawberry boost!!! The same sickeningly cheerful color, the same syrupy sweet flavor that you can't quite swallow down... I realize that by the time I sit down to enjoy my so called frozen yogurt, its no longer really frozen and is in fact becoming the same smooth, thick, cold liquid that was literally pumped down my throat at one time. And not gonna lie, it freaked me out. And not gonna lie, I can't stomach another OUNCE ("2 oz minimum" lame!) Of that nasty stuff. And not gonna lie, I threw that sucker away. Red mango anyone? I need some agua. Stat.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

two hundred twelve

Its the happy girl,
She's the little ray of sunshine.
But there's been a mistake
And the light's leaking from her eyes.
She's getting lost in her head
And its dark in there
Thrown between vicious riptides of
Whirling strands of thought.
Disoriented and nauseous,
She's getting tangled in there
But every attempt of extrication
Seems to further tie her down.
Its that web like a spider's web,
The kind that's made of silver light trapped shadows,
But spun by regret and shame and doubt.
And though by the moonlight it spreads
Capturing any opportunity that nightfall provides,
In the day its getting harder
To fight her way out.

Monday, December 8, 2008

two hundred eleven

Loni has been the latest to comment on my lack of blogging and it is not for lack of desire, but merely lack of time! I know, story of my life, right?! Well here, for the few yearning minds, is the most recent happenings which fill my days:

-i moved into my parentals new place. I'm sharing a room for the first time in my life and I love it! Its like shlee and I get to have a slumber party every night! :) we decided to make one of the family rooms into our bedroom and its giant and we love it and we affectionately refer to it as 'the studio.' Super trendy, and fun, and freaking cute too!

-i thought roxy broke her leg last week and I was such a mess! She kept limping and would lie down so she didn't have to walk on it and it made me so sad! She has been improving and ended up just having a bad sprain so that's a relief. She's still cute as ever and snugging with her is still my favorite thing in the whole entire world!

-i'm still working at university and its a good time. My coworkers are hilarious! Oh update! I have started wearing blue scrubs... Yes, caution status blue. They're free from the hospital and everyone wears them so I might as well blend in. They will never be my favorite though!

-i'm also still working at the treatment center and wow things have been crazy. Going out to dinner on saturdays, rec night outings on tuesdays, and emotional breakdowns galore. More documentation than ever imaginable, late night jam sessions, and the strangest boundaries ever conceived. Never a dull moment!

-i'm thrilled the snow has held off...until this morning! But naturally i'm hoping for a white christmas so I guess I have to be okay with the snow coming sometime!

In conclusion, i've had a bunch of ups, a few downs as well, and a whole lot of sleep deprivation, but all in all I have incredible family, friends, and opportunities, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday season and know that if you ever need someone to go christmas shopping with- i'm your girl!

Loves to you all.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

two hundred ten

tagged me, so here we go:

1. Post rules on your blog
2. Answer the six '8' items (i personally think it should be 8 "8" items, not 6.)
3. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. gossip girl
2. one tree hill
3. alias
4. house
5. the simple life
6. code blue
7. america's next top model
8. anything on discovery health

8 Things I did yesterday
1. got off of a grave shift at university
2. took a shower
3. went to work at LEA
4. cooked corn
5. went bouncing at classic
6. drove a 12 passenger van
7. ran a drug test
8. went back to sleep!

8 things I look forward to
1. trimming the tree tonight
2. christmas shopping
3. playing with rox
4. christmas parties
5. movie nights and rio with shlee
6. getting my LEA raise
7. more christmas shopping!
8. eventually finishing school

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. cpk
2. cafe rio
3. takashi
4. tepanyaki
5. red mango (does that count?)
6. chilis
7. mimi's
8. cheesecake factory

8 Things on my wish list
1. true religion sweats
2. knitted fold over uggs
3. old fashioned flannel pjs!
4. a cute boy for the holidays :)
5. i don't know...
6. honestly, i have everything i want.
7. maybe that sounds bratty but im acknowledging the truth.
8. and im grateful for it so i think its okay to admit it!

8 People I Tag
1. whoever
2. feels
3. so
4. inclined
5. as
6. to
7. play
8. along.