Sunday, May 8, 2011

two hundred ninety one

spring semester has finally come to a close and i couldn't be happier to spend my summer doing all of the things i have forgotten to have loved. i'm thrilled to spend my days at the pool side whilst reading classic novels and trashy gossip mags alike. i'm delighted at the prospect of hiking on a whim with my little rockstar by my side. i'm exhilarated to plan my days off by not having plans at all. i want to finish my recovery quilt. i want to build a glass bubble chandelier. i want to do more with my visual journal. the only hinderance to these blissful activities is the monumental pull of staying snuggled in my covers. i could never cheat on my bed, i just love it too much! in order to be happy i need to actually do the things that make me happy. that is what my summer goal is, to spend every bit of my time doing something that makes me happy! today's happiness included deep cleaning my house, repainting a set of bathroom shelves to be a happy summer yellow color, planting tomato seeds, planting asters, painting my nails, snuggling with rox, and hanging out with my family. it has been productive but simple. it's the simplicity that brings me happiness. let's do more of the things that make us happy. what a spectacular concept! happy mother's day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

two hundred ninety

hello all,
i need to get better at blogging, even if just for my piece of mind.

today's topic? creating your life.

so many of my friends are getting married, beginning a new life together, and have spent years dreaming of what said life would contain. it makes me wonder what my life will hold. even more so, it makes me wonder what i WANT my life to hold. i'm not dreaming of buying a fixer-upper with my husband and getting into paint fights as we slowly create the environment in which we build our memories of a home. i'm not interested in cooking soggy yet burnt casserole concoctions of whatever is left in the pantry and watching devotion manifested through attempts to hide a cringe with every bite. i want to build my surrounding structure without waiting for someone to fall into my life and fix it for me. i want to harness the ability to secure something substantial and free standing without depending on someone else. i want to discover these things for myself so that when this magic man happens to cross paths with mine we can accent our lives together with 1000 thread count bed sheets and perfectly paired turkish cotton towels. to enjoy the splendor of nuance that comes with knowing that i'll never settle.

too often i find myself sitting around waiting for the time for my life to happen- for the pieces to just "fall into place"- but then i realize that i'm in the middle of that time and that the pieces won't find a place until i make them a place. and i'm going to do just that.

happy wednesday.