Tuesday, October 7, 2008

two hundred six

you know life is going just swimmingly when...
you got 3 hours of sleep because you just did a 12 hour graveyard shift at the hospital putting together 50 IVs and their proper tubing but are totally in a good mood about it - the boy just cancelled tomorrow night's date but you're not devastated in the slightest - your parents are moving and their new house has a pool (!) - you smile every time you look at your adorable kate spade bag because of its pink and white polka dots - you feel perfectly in place wearing bubble gum pink scrubs while everyone else is in the trademark light blue (i can't wear those, it reminds me of being on caution so that color has forever been ruined for me!) - kate winslet and leo dicaprio are finally reuniting to do a gut wrenching oscar worthy drama and you feel no shame in admitting that you are dying to see it when it's released in december - you stop on the side of a random highway to take a rockin picture on a particularly cloud strewn day - you haven't seen your t in 3 weeks, have another 12 to go and are only slightly apprehensive - you have the absolute coolest mentee ever and love going on fun passes with her - you haven't practiced a certain negative coping mechanism in over 3 months - you often feel compelled to write something amazing on the guitar but find yourself laughing over the inspired nothingness that has been gleaned over the past hour of your life - you happily spend your morning in the windy pouring rain in order to catch the few fleeting moments of bliss across your brother's face as he scores the sole 2 goals at his high school lacrosse game before #1 ranked bingham slams the lofty skyline eagles out of the sky - that no matter the weather, it's a beautiful day and no amount of bad drivers on the freeway can change your mind!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

two hundred five

hey team,
i know, i've been a major slacker on the blog front. here's an update of what's going on in my life:

•i really did take the semester off from school and it feels fabulous!

•i am working at a residential treatment center for adolescent girls and i love it. the girls are awesome, my co-workers are fabulous, and after one short month i'm already getting a promotion! yeah! :) sometimes its kind of weird to think that i'm a care tech but guess what, i love it and i'm good at it so i think it's okay!

•i'm also working in same day surgery at university hospital. it's long hours and lots of running back and forth but i'm having a blast! i love wearing my cute scrubs and working in the hospital. i've wanted to do that for so long.

•since i'm no longer a full time student i no longer get the benefits of my parental's medical insurance and that kind of stresses me out so send healthy vibes my way! gracias gracias.

•having more time to play with rockstar has been the biggest perk of my little break. we love going running, out on hikes, to the dog park, and snuggling in bed. she's still s a s s y as ever and i loves it!

•my eyes are almost healed but still a bit cloudy from the scar tissue. my corneal specialist thinks the scarring is too deep for lasik, they'd have to take out too much healthy tissue to clear out all of the scarring, but i still have another 6-9 months to wait before i can have the official evaluation for it. hopefully things will continue to slowly improve...

•i'm currently obsessed with red mango. it is the most deliciously delectable frozen yogurt EVER. add fresh mango and i am in heaven! anytime, anywhere- i'm there! for realsies, i go at least 3-4 times a week.

•yesterday alisa found out that she's having a boy and i'm so excited for her! 3 little fox boys, what could possibly be cuter than that?!

•i'm craving a little yorkie and already have the perfect name for her. coco chanel! and i'd get her a chanel collar! uber cute! rox may be a little jealous at first but she get over it. love, peace, and chanel baby! :)

•i'm freezing. already. and it's barely october. bad news bears!

•but on the majority of my days i can honestly say that i'm happy. and that's the best part of my entire little story. the end!